Shubham Bose Roy

Psychic Polar Bear

30 something, trans* graphic designer from Delhi with many a things to be said, though much ado 'bout nothing

Current Obsessions

  • Cooking, Bengali Home Food, Hot Mulled Wine,

  • Music, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Portishead, Flunk, Kruder & Dorfmeister

  • Movies, Shows, Sci-Fi, Drama, Tangerine, Maniac

  • Gaming, Hearthstone, Hollow Knight, Magic: The Gathering, Betrayal at House on the Hill


  • Lamb Lasagne - What a Comic Show, SDA; Ivy and Bean; Diggin Cafe

  • Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoot - Heritage Naga Restaurant

  • Bulgogi Bibimbap + Sausage Kimbab - Kori's

In search of

  • That's a really strange section. I am searching for many a things. But not sure what exactly "with my audience". Isn't it usually the other way round?