That Clicking Sound

Tut tut tut.
Made my heels a forgotten song.
'Tis been a season since I put some makeup on.
Stretched across a stocking or that sexy thong.
Tut tut tut.
Where did the beats go?
Drunken revelry with my friend and foe.
Sleep arrives early and the mornings so.
Tut tut tut.
Days go by without a shave.
Oversized tee and shorts to save.
Glamour forgone, once I used to crave.
Tut tut tut.
Why don't I comprehend much?
Keep reading and reading, don't sink in such.
Harder I try, keep losing the touch.
Tut tut tut.
Whatever did happen here.
Rusted engine, wheels and gear.
So much for all my political queer.
Tut tut tut.
Maybe one day I shall get up back.
Catch up with all that has so far lack.
And have this song another crack.
Tut tut tut.

28 January, 2016

30 something, trans* graphic designer from Delhi with many a things to be said, though much ado 'bout nothing