How potent must be this wine,
undiscovered and untouched,
eternally fermented
in the lonely sorrows of infinite longing.
How delirious must be its intoxication,
flooding your mind and drowning every desire;
as I swim deep into its ocean of darkness,
to that lost cemetery
where you buried all this desolate pain;
I soak it all up within my porous heart,
and let you squeeze it till the last drop,
slowly out of my infatuate soul.
How magnificent would it be
to drink from this forbidden chalice,
polished to glisten,
by an endless onslaught
of hate and regret;
as you question the very notion of love,
and discover it once again,
in my unkempt garden of dreams;
I dare you, to take a sip.

26 December 2018

30 something, trans* graphic designer from Delhi with many a things to be said, though much ado 'bout nothing