The Anal Allegory

...And then he slowly slid inside. With introductions of some unfathomable pain. "It's just the tip", he said; "Wait. Wait. Slowly unclench." As the sphincter gives in, the cock slides deeper. Slowly. Slimily. The pain does recede, but never subsides. Instead it transforms. Pleasure peculiar. Have you wondered what the other half of the cock feels from inside? This is the closest you'll come to know. And it spreads like some sluggish magma within. And then he pulls out. Suddenly you realize. With your gaping hole. Inviting some more. Oh, the pleasure peculiar! Watermelon. I didn't get the joke when my friends cracked up. Trying to explain what it feels like afterwards. But oh yes, watermelon. I don't really know how better to explain. So now you can shame me, for Boy! I have arrived. And I arrived again. Once more again. On the sheets. On his chest. Accidentally on his precious denims on the floor. But hush, he doesn't know it yet. Well, he doesn't really know a lot anyway. For all he knows is how to fuck. For he is The Man. Born with a magic wand. Swirl it thrice, anti-clockwise. And the world attains salvation. With your magic wand. And your art of fornication. But somehow, if you take it up your ass, all hell breaks loose. Defiled. Diminished. Deteriorated. The sanctimonious male pride has a fracture. For you let your honor be breached, installed inside your hole. Challenging the unquestioned almighty structure. Oh but it’s alright, if you're the one to fuck. You can fuck any hole you like as long as your own is untouched. Holes in the nation. Holes in the society. Holes in the family. Holes in your marriage. Holes in our economy. Holes in the classes. Holes in the masses. Literally any hole you can find, it's your domain. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. "Wait. Wait. Slowly unclench." [We regret any inconvenience caused by the transmission of this message] Sex is dirty. Oh so so dirty. How dare I talk about cocks and holes? Beep and beep. Because you can beep around but not talk around. We are told how to speak. We are told how to fuck. We are told how to eat. We are told how to shit. They even made fucking laws to govern it. The days go by, living everyone else's lives. And at night, Oh shush! So now that I am speaking, let me proclaim. Taking it up my ass, how I fucking love it! You can keep your pride. You can keep your shame. You can keep your laws. And you can write down my name. Because rather than be The Man you all want me to be, I'd be that godforsaken felon. Who gives a shit about respectable Love™? Because fucking watermelon!

31st January, 2016

30 something, trans* graphic designer from Delhi with many a things to be said, though much ado 'bout nothing